Architectural Engineering Program


[1] Study and survey engineering knowledge and skills in different disciplines and applying them through understanding of different theories and their application in real-life situations.

[2] Use a holistic approach to problem solving when dealing with ambiguous, open-ended challenges and situations through conducting systematic and critical analyzes.        

[3] Ensure the graduation of professionally qualified cadres capable of meeting the needs of the society.

[4] Confirmation of the importance of society’s sustainability and its principles by emphasizing the importance of the natural and physical environment together.

[5] Utilize the methods, abilities, and contemporary engineering tools required for engineering practice.

[6] Take full responsibility for one’s own education and development, practice lifelong learning, and demonstrate eligibility for postgraduate and research courses.

[7] Develop Engineering skills and capabilities to work within a multidisciplinary team to identify and analyze architectural problems and provide design and executive solutions for architectural projects.

[8] Build a strong scientific and technological information base that enables the application of experimental and analytical method and case study on projects with different environments.

[9] Demonstrate knowledge of cultural diversity, differences, and the impact of a building on community character and identity.

[10] Take architectural and urban design projects and works that address community issues and needs.

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