Communication Department's Head Message

Assoc. Prof. Hosam Kasem

Head of the Communication and Electonics
Engineering Department

  It is my pleasure to welcome you and all visitors of the Electronics & Communications department via this on-line page. If you are a new or a prospective student, we look forward to have you with us, and are particularly delighted to have you learn about us. We are confident that our students, as well as academic faculty or support staff will find us a great program to join.

The Electronics & Communications Engineering Program as the name sounds is the merger of the Communication and the electronic fields. Our program also relies on other fields such as computer engineering, and automated control. We effectively utilize the outstanding laboratories that HUE has in the faculty of Engineering. We also capitalize on the HUE well established classrooms and utilize the up-to-date content learning methods and technologies, to facilitate learning on campus, and effectively complement it with on-line components as well.

We value creative thinking, innovations, and teamwork, and we encourage in class participation and involvement of the students. We continuously work to involve our students with academic and extra-curricular activities, such as attending conferences or field-trips, student competitions nationally and abroad. We aspire to graduate technologically savvy engineers who are able to tackle the demanding societal engineering problems of our beloved nation and for the whole world. We aim to be the best in the nation in the Electronics & Communications engineering education, measured by the quality of education we deliver, and the quality of our graduates.

So, if you are interested to learn more about us, please don’t hesitate to give us a visit. We are confident that if you do, you will get your questions answered.

Assoc. Prof. Hosam Kasem

Electronics & Communications Department Chair

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