Strategic Objectives

  • Providing a distinguished educational plan to help create a generation of engineers who can fit well in the job market.

  • Being always concerned with updating ourselves, our academic staff members and our facilities on different levels.

  • To generate and launch eminent and qualitative scientific researches in different fields of engineering and technology to meet the requirement of the age.

  • To help scientific researches to meet the demands of the time by minimizing the gap between researchers and reality.

  • To stimulate the college to play an inspiring role in community services and to spread the faculty’s academic fame everywhere.

  • The constant development and increase of college resources including the different facilities and academic staff members.

  • The regular enhancing of the college’s competitive position.

  • To develop all implications and tools related to the educational process and to present developed methods of teaching, learning and evaluation.

  • Propagating the faculty’s academic distinction on an international level and encouraging international students to join the college.
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