Mechatronics Program


The aim of the Mechatronics Engineering program is to prepare engineering graduates who have the following attributes:

    1. Understand a broad range of engineering knowledge and specialized skills, as well as the ability to apply learned knowledge using theories and abstract reasoning in realistic circumstances.

    2. Analytical critical and systemic thinking are used to identify, diagnose, and solve engineering problems of varying complexity and variance such as in the areas of integrated mechanics, electronics, computers and software systems.

    3. Acting with professional and ethical responsibilities.

    4. Work in and lead a diverse team of professionals from various engineering specializations, taking responsibility for individual and team performance.

    5. Recognize his/her involvement in advancing the engineering sector and contributing to the professional and community development.

    6. Appreciate the value of the environment, both physical and natural, and seek to promote sustainability principles.

    7. Use the techniques, skills, and appropriate engineering tools, necessary for engineering practice.

    8. Engage in self- and life- long learning.

    9. Communicate effectively with varied audiences utilizing multiple forms, techniques, and languages.

    10. Display leadership, business management, and entrepreneurial abilities.

    11. Utilization of mathematical, physical scientific, and systems analysis methods in the design of system components.

    12. Demonstrate learning of engineering sciences and demonstrate the application of this knowledge to electro-mechanical systems.

    13. Identify and resolve issues with integrated mechanical, electronic, computer, and software system systems.

    14. Analyze and investigate the inter-disciplinary characteristics of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems.

    15. Use the given wide choices leading to specialization in mechanics, electronics, design, computer software or other areas.
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