Architecture Department's Head Message

Assoc. Prof. Shimaa Mahmoud Ali

Head of Architecture
Engineering Department

Architectural Engineering Department (AED) is a key and integral part of the Faculty of Engineering at Horus University – Egypt (HUE). It is one of the highly demanded departments by national and international HUE students. The AED has established itself as a preferred career entry point. It aims to be in parity with international schools of architecture and be acclaimed as a leader in producing innovative graduates and scientific research that focus on meeting the present and future needs of the society. The AED is closely aligned to the local job market through catering for its needs of qualified graduates. Through the collaboration between the AED and other regional schools of architecture, students participated in number of events and competitions and won top prizes.
The (AED) aims to play a proactive role in providing the architectural, Engineering, and Constriction industries with qualified graduates who are capable to contribute significantly in building the nation, fulfilling society requirements and sustaining the economic growth of the country. The AED is a positive, multidisciplinary and creative environment that helps equipping students with state of the art knowledge and practical skills in Architectural Engineering to address global environmental and technological challenges. It brings students to the fore cutting-edge approaches to architecture, urban planning and design, landscape architecture, building services, sustainability, construction technology and management
I wish all success to all our architectural department students and alumni both in educational and practical life.

Head of Department of Architecture

Assoc. Prof. Shimaa Mahmoud Ali

Dr. Riham Salah Mohamed

Architecture Program Coordinator

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