Electronics and Communications Engineering Program


Attributes of the Graduates of Engineering (NARS 2018)

The Engineering Graduate must:

  1. Apply a wide spectrum of engineering knowledge, science, and specialized skills with analytic, critical, and systemic thinking to identify and solve engineering problems in real life.

  2. Behave professionally and adhere to engineering ethics and standards and work to develop the profession and the community and promote sustainability principles.

  3. Work in and lead a heterogeneous team.

  4. Use techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.

  5. Master self-learning and life-long learning strategies to communicate effectively using different modes, tools, and languages to deal with academic/professional challenges in a critical and creative manner.

  6. Acquire Leadership qualities and business administration.

  7. Act professionally in design and supervision of electronics and communications projects.

  8. Manipulate and simulate different electronic circuits, devices, and applications using computer aided programs and mobile phones.

  9. Design, operate and maintain digital and analog communication, mobile communication, coding and decoding systems.
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