Basic Science Department's Head Message

Associate Professor Dr. Eng. Waleed Samy Abdalla Mohamed

Head of The Basic Science Department

I would like to welcome you and every one guest of the basic science department through this online page. If you’re a brand new or a probable student, we are particularly pleased to have you learn about us, and glance forward to attaching you with us.  We tend to assure that our students, in addition to academic faculty or support staff can notify us as a good engineering academy to append.

The Basic Science department aims to impart education through teaching fundamental courses with a practical approach, that represent the basic tools for all engineers attached to all programs. The department has well professionally qualified, experienced and skilled staff. The Basic Science department is committed to continuously educating the students with enhancing their knowledge to solve the real-world problems that lead to the economic and technological transformation of the country. We also capitalize on the HUE well established classrooms and utilize the up-to-date content learning methods and technologies, to facilitate learning on campus, and effectively complement it with on-line components as well. The department is considerably achieving good results.

The Basic Science and General Engineering Divisions are preparing Bachelor of Engineering students in Science and General Engineering subjects, which will be helpful to make a strong foundation for the future Technocrats. Physics laboratory have apparatus set up for the determination of electric heat equivalent, specific heat, thermal conductivity, Ohm’s law verification, resistance, capacitor capacitance, temperature, Stefan Boltzman constant, photoelectric effect, surface tension and viscosity coefficients, speed of sound in air, magnetic moment and gravitational acceleration. The Chemistry laboratory is played a central and distinctive role in chemistry education. It has been used to involve students with concrete experiences of concepts. The Chemistry laboratory is supported by a spectrum of equipment and glasswares; water bath, water still, graduated cylinder, stoves, etc. Those equipment are used in identifying the qualitative and highlighting the quantitative method of analysis to detect individual elements or ions, or solution concertation. It is also provided with essential safety equipment like Safety goggles, Eyewash stations, Safety showers, Lab coats, Protective gloves, Fire extinguishers. Also, the fundamental courses for engineering design and production are provided through engineering drawing and projection, the principles of manufacturing engineering, and mathematics courses. Additionally, the department is supplied with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) labs., drawing halls, and workshops.

So, if you are interested to learn more about us, please don’t hesitate to give us a visit. We are confident that if you do, you will get your questions answered.

Associate Professor, Waleed Samy Abdalla Mohamed
Basic Science Department Head

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